Monday, September 28, 2009

Ultra Premium Bible?

I've been reading Think Christian blog for quite some time now, mainly because the blog lives up to its name. Today's post was a bit different in tone, but one that David and I have fussed and fumed about for quite some time. is giving away 72 Bibles in the next 6 months. Nice? Well, here's the thing. These Bibles are "ultra premium" and retail for a whopping $229.99. There's something so incredibly wrong with this and I think eventually, while standing before the good Lord, someone is going to have to answer for it.

David Ker says it much better than I ever could because he's got cred here. Here's a preview:

"Several commenters on my blog have mentioned that proceeds from Bibles sold in America benefit Bible translation overseas. I find that justification hard to swallow. The image that comes to mind is the rich man throwing scraps to Lazarus. The only way for the rich man to be saved is either for him to leave the party and go feast on garbage with Lazarus or throw open the doors of the banquet hall and let in all the riffraff. And I have to say that, painful as it is, the first of those options is probably the only salvation for American believers. The believers in the developing world don’t want your scraps. And I tend to think that deep down they probably don’t want to feast at your table. Instead, there’s a common ground when we live as if there is no “third world.”

This is easy for me to say because I live in Africa. I hang out with Africans. In an hour I’ll be sitting in a classroom with Mozambicans talking about 1 John 5. But I wonder what you folks in the developed world can do to bridge the gap between yourselves and the believers overseas? You’ve got all the Bibles. But in most cases, they have all the faith. Their material poverty is overshadowed by spiritual riches that in essence puts them in the feasting hall while you’re the one outside the gate."

Read the full post here.

All I can say is, "Preach it!"

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