Saturday, October 10, 2009

Drew Carey ups his Twitter ante to $1M

Lots of links here, but it was just easier for me to do a partial post quote from the original blog post than try to re-write it:

"When @Drew (Drew Olanoff of #BlameDrewsCancer) put his Twitter handle up for auction with proceeds donated to LIVESTRONG, he had no idea which Drew would get involved. Out of all the possible social media savvy Drews in the world, @Drew struck gold: TV's Drew Carey (@DrewfromTV) noticed the offer and first bid $25,000. Already a huge amount, it was amazing when he upped the ante by making it $100,000 if he got 100,000 followers. Yesterday, @DrewFromTV took it one step further, promising 1 MILLION dollars to LIVESTRONG if he hit 1,000,000 followers by the new year. That's December 31st, 2009."

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