Friday, October 23, 2009

Gopher apologizes

The University of Minnesota is apologizing after its Goldy Gopher mascot poked fun at a Penn State football player who was praying before last week's game.

A video made before Saturday's game at State College, Pa., shows Penn State defensive end Jerome Hayes kneeling in prayer in the end zone.

Minnesota spokesman Dan Wolter says the stunt was "plainly a mistake" and the mascot didn't intend to offend anyone or trivialize religion...

"On behalf of Goldy and the University of Minnesota, I want to apologize to the Penn State player involved and anyone else who may have taken offense from this incident," Wolter said in a statement. "We have reiterated to Goldy the importance of exercising appropriate religious sensitivity in the future." via

Penn State athletics spokesman Brian Siegrist had no comment Thursday. Penn State won the game 20-0.

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