Thursday, April 14, 2011

Blood Concept Perfume

Presented at the niche perfumery fair Esxence in Milan, which wrapped up April 3, Blood Concept will launch four unisex scents over the course of this year, all featuring metallic notes, the "actual smell of blood."

In addition, "O" is composed of thyme, raspberry, cyperus esculentus, rose hips, leather, birch, and cedar wood, while "A" includes notes of green garden, tomato leaves, basil, and star anise.

"B" is more woody and spicy, with red apple, black cherry, artemisia, pepper, pomegranate, black tea, patchouli, and tick wood all featuring in its composition. Finally, "AB" is a mineral composition of aldehydes, aluminum, slate, pebble, aqua, and cedar wood.

All four will come in medical-looking droppers. Prices have not yet been announced.

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