Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Waitress Discovers Ancestors’ Photo Hanging on Restaurant Wall

Sandra was having a bad day and thinking about her niece, Cammi Jo, who had recently passed away. They were very close. She was sweeping an aisle in the back dining room (at Cracker Barrel) when she looked up and said, “Oh my lands, it’s Cammi Jo.” Hanging on the wall above a large round table was an old framed photograph of a young woman and her daughter. Sandra took a picture of that photo and sent it to her sister-in-law, Cammi Jo’s mother. As it turns out, the baby in the photograph is Sandra’s great-great-great grandmother, and the baby’s mother is the one who is identical to Cammi Jo. This picture is the picture that hung above the piano in Sandra’s great-grandmother’s home. Sandra’s mother has since called the folks at Cracker Barrel and arrangements are being made to get the photo back to the family.
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