Thursday, October 20, 2011

Still the one

I've not checked but I'm betting that if I were to look back over my posts, each one that dealt with Wednesday would have something super emotional in it. Super emotional might be good, but most times it's bad.

Certain Wednesday/Thursday posts, whether actually written or thought out, may deal with the hardest day of the week for me. It used to just be difficult. Now, it's hard. I expect it to get better, because the hardness revolves around lots of extra stuff that I end up doing that I never actually signed up for and once I have time to adjust, it's all fine.

Anyway - yesterday was no different. Terribly long day, which I won't go into detail about, but at one point - during PRAISE TEAM PRACTICE - David and I had words. Yep - pastor and his wife had words in front of 8 or 10 folks. It wasn't pretty. It was normal, believe me, but it still wasn't pretty.

Does everyone need to hear stuff like that? Probably not, but there's good and bad there. It's good because it makes us ever so real (which we are) and bad in that my tiredness and stress combined with David's tiredness and physical pain overcame our decorum. Whatever.

Here's the thing. I love my husband with all I've got. And I know he loves me. There's no amount of "throw more crap our way" that will change that, but, we will crack and show the hard times every so often. We try not to, but it happens.

So, for the love of my life, and for any of those unfortunate enough to witness our little time of "words" - here's the way I really feel. It's a silly song from the 70s (our time) and well, it just fits.

Somehow I know this post is going to come back to bite me. People will make fun of the 70's music or will pick out a phrase or two to make fun of, but in all honesty - he's still the one.

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