Thursday, November 3, 2011

Ask a Mortician - Rigor Mortis

Okay - I know it's an..."iffy" subject matter, but I'm also willing to bet that most everyone has wondered about certain aspects of how the physical body reacts to death. Besides, not breathing, of course. I'll say this now, if it's a subject matter that is more than you want to know about, click off this blog post. But, if you're the least bit curious, Caitlin may have answers for you.

Caitlin Doughty is a certified mortician living in Los Angeles who is more than willing to share her education and experience. Somehow, the eerily creepy part of what happens to our bodies once we die becomes quite conversational when Caitlin explains.

You'll find her website Order of the Good Death a wealth of information, including her videos, blog, and more. Here's her first video explaining about rigor mortis. It's somehow done including science & yet all the while feeling like you're talking with a dear friend. ... I never thought those two things worked together, but she somehow manages it!


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