Thursday, November 10, 2011

Parenting Is Fun

From the Crescat:

… A recent parent-teacher conference has uncovered that my son is not very organized at school. He is not writing down all his assignments in his planner. This is preventing him from remembering when and what is due and has resulted in a few incomplete grades. Not acceptable. So a proper punishment needed to be devised should he continue to fail writing down his work.

Me: I need you to write down your assignments every day.

The Boy: I can remember them.

Me: Obviously not. Do not write them down for yourself then; write them down for me so I know what is going on in class.

The Boy: Ok. But what if I forget?

Me: Then you will not be allowed to play with your friends next door when you get home from school. No playing on your DS either. Nothing. No fun!

The Boy: What?! Geesh! Can I at least read?

Me: No fun!

The Boy: But I have to read every day and log it in my reading journal for school.

Me: Hmmm. Well, then I suppose you can still read….

The Boy: [prematurely enthusiastic] YES!

Me: … however, I get to chose the reading material. And I chose the dictionary and the microwave instructional manual.

I love my job.

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