Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Granny with great-grandchildren Tina and Matt

Years ago, a couple showed up at Mama & Daddy's house. Clifford and Louise were actually relatives I'd never met. Louise was my Granny's niece and I remember her playing piano and them both singing old hymns like it was yesterday. I've stayed in contact with Clifford - he's so lonely after Louise's passing, but tries to keep on going by staying up to date with friends and relatives with his computer.

I received an email from him last week that showed a side I'd not known:
Hi Bunny and David.

Surprise! I was looking thru some. old papers and found this poem. I wrote it in 1980. About my favorite Aunt. I thought you would like it. I kept telling my Louise about her. And we finally went to Georgia to see them.and Louise said I was telling the truth. She also loved Aunt Irene as much as I did. One time when we went there in 1980 I wrote this poem. I hope it comes alright. Let me know if it did. Sometimes these computers don't do what we tell them. And my computer misspells a lot of words ? Any way God bless the memory I have of your family.

Love you Cliff
His love of my family really touched me. The poem may not mean much to my readers, but it sure brought back memories of a grandmother I so loved and to have him mention my mother and daddy - just so sweet!

Cliff sent the poem as a jpeg, so you'll have to click the pic to enlarge it to make it readable.

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