Thursday, December 6, 2012

10 Images of Where Children Sleep Around the World

This boy (who remains anonymous for his own safety) was a child soldier during the war in Liberia. He became a soldier because the offer of food and money was too hard to refuse. He goes to a school for ex-child-soldiers. He is an orphan and has three brothers. He wants to be a teacher when he grows up.
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Where Children Sleep
After viewing those, consider sponsoring a child. For the amount of money you spend a month on burgers, you could change a child's life. We sponsor through Compassion and the group of little girls I work with on Wed nights at New Hope has just recently sponsored a child through Mayan Families. The adults of New Hope sponsor from Amazima. The point isn't which organization you sponsor through, but that we stop saying it needs to be done and actually do it. You can check out each organization through Charity Navigator to see how they monies you give are spent. But, again, make a difference and do something.

Compassion International 

 Mayan Families  

Save the Children 

 World Vision 


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