Saturday, September 26, 2009


A new site that made me giggle - It Made My Day!! Little Moments of WIN

A few entries:

My wife bought me a horrible watch for our anniversary because she didn’t like the one I was wearing. She insisted I wear it and when I finally did today, I got mugged. They only took the watch. IMMD.

My 4 year old asked a group of 7 police officers if they were a “Herd of Fuzz” IMMD

In bumper to bumper traffic, the guy in front of me was rooting around in the back seat not paying attention to the fact the guy in front of him had moved up. The guy behind me couldn’t stand the open space and passed both of us on the shoulder. A minute later Mr. Inahurry got rear-ended by Mr. Distracted. IMMD.

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