Saturday, September 26, 2009

Home again

Another rushed trip to Macon and back. David and I are beat! Driving 12 hours in 2 days takes a lot out of you. The emotional toll is still there. I walk in and immediately know Mama isn't there. I put my bags down and begin crying. I just miss her so much.

We took Daddy, Adam, & Shonda out to eat and it was great spending time, although short, with them. Our lives don't cater to long visits. With David pastoring and needing to be home on Sundays and my teaching piano during the week we just don't have days to take off. We're years from retirement so do what we can for now.

Today Daddy had me picking peas, peppers and muscadines. Georgia is so much hotter than Florida. It didn't help that I wasn't exactly dressed to be gardening, either. Daddy sent me home with 3 plants of Mama's that he said needed our more tropical weather. We bought flowers so I could make an arrangement for Mama's grave and took Daddy with us to place them. It was just a jam-packed visit filled with joy and sorrow.

The worst part - Daddy crying as we left. That kills me.

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