Friday, October 2, 2009

A nun walks into a fabric store...

Excerpts from one of the funniest blog posts I've read in a long time:

The woman who thought I was wearing a costume, we'll call her Miss Gourd...

I am a nun. I am NEVER without a hankie. I keep it up my sleeve. I sprang to action.

I really did spring.

I get that I'm a little scary looking. I would be a little scary looking if it were still 1950. I think I might be in the same category as Santa and clowns to a four year old even back then.

"She'll look like a harlot with fins!" I sputtered. "Her arms are bare and it's a brassiere top made of garish flowers and her middle is bare..."

I know - none of it makes sense, but I want you to click on over and read it. Sister Mary Martha - Read it here.

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