Friday, October 2, 2009

Sweet story from Daddy

Just got off the phone with Daddy. He sounded really good and strong at the beginning of the conversation, but after about 30 minutes he began to sound a bit tired. He talked and talked.

He told me about when he and Mama were dating and he picked her up from the boarding house in Albany, GA where she was living. He said he was driving a 1935 black pickup truck and "somehow" they ended up in Leesburg. The conversation went something like "you know people come to Leesburg to get married by the judge here." He said neither one of them backed down so they roused Judge Feeney up to marry them. Afterwards, Daddy drove Mama back to her boarding house room and he went off to find them a place to live. Cute and sweet story that I'd never heard before.

He then told me about his post-op doctor appointment. The doctor told Daddy that he could pretty much do anything he wanted to now. Daddy asked, "Can I bring my wife back to life?" Breaks my heart for him...

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